A Step-By-Step Guide To

Help Students Land A Career Job

AND Succeed In It

What Is The Career Cycle?

An online course covering a six phase process to help you enter the workforce, perform well, and get promoted into leadership.


How to network and use social media to find internships and career jobs with employers you like.


Understand what your targeted employers look for so you can build your ‘relevant value’ and ‘competitive advantage’ for the job.


Develop your confidence by becoming so good at the key steps of a selection process such as interviewing that you trigger an employer’s “This is who we want!” emotion.


Prompt employers to make you a job offer, and help you negotiate a better one.


Understand your manager’s expectations and exceed them so that you pass your probationary period and develop an early reputation as a successful recruit with promotion potential.


Execute a 10 step achievement methodology to further develop your reputation as someone who gets the job done!

Features & Benefits

  • Online lessons and quizzes with immediate score feedback.
  • Assignments to encourage practice and completion of the key actions required to succeed in each phase of The Career Cycle.
  • Interactive questionnaire to assess ‘interview readiness’ for a job with feedback and guidance on areas that need more preparation.
  • The website, the lesson content, and assignments can be customized to support the brand and priorities of the faculty.
  • Reports to track reading progress, quiz scores and assignment completion.

For Students

Start your career earlier and with better pay by learning how to:

  • Develop interpersonal skills and a supportive professional network
  • Target specific career jobs and build your competitive edge
  • Win the selection process and negotiate a good offer
  • Optimize your performance and succeed in the job
  • Learn the basics of leadership and how to get promoted
  • Help future students and start building your own teams
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For Faculty

The web site, the content and assignments can be tailored to support your faculty brand & priorities. This means you can:

  • Provide tailored supplemental reading for your students
  • Provide an overall six step course structure if needed
  • Drive students to attend other existing initiatives through the assignments
  • Measure, document and incentivize progress
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For Employers

First The Career Cycle helps students align to meet your needs in the selection process. It then provides ongoing professional development to help new & current employees build:

  • A ‘most valued customer’ relationship with their manager
  • Effective communication skills
  • An Achievement Methodology to ‘get the job done’
  • Management, mentoring and Leadership skills
  • The ten most desired attitudes
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Paul Jarley Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Business at the University of Central Florida

“I am very pleased with how The Career Cycle helps us drive the activities in our Professional Development classes. Students are assisted and incentivized to seek out projects, internships, networking conversations, and experiences that will help them discover what they want to do in their professional lives and secure an opportunity to do it before graduating. The Career Cycle provides actionable and repeatable processes they can use to land a job and succeed in it.”

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Lonny Butcher

Director of Professional Development and Placement of the College of Business at the University of Central Florida

“The Career Cycle is at the core of our Professional Development classes. The objective of our classes goes beyond passing on knowledge about how to get a job. That knowledge is of course critical – but insufficient for the level of job placement we are seeking. We push students out of their comfort zone to start the ACTIONS required to land a job as soon as they enter our College.”

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Doris Alcivar

Assistant Director, Employer Relations at University of Central Florida

“Incorporation of The Career Cycle into the Professional Development courses in the College of Business Administration has greatly increased student engagement with Career Services. Students are better prepared to interact with employers at our fairs, workshops and networking events. Employers report that students are more capable of understanding the requirements of a job, and explaining their relevance in terms of their qualifications and skills.”

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