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How Students Can Use The Career Cycle

If you are a student on this website it is very likely that you found it through the recommendation of your University or College. In which case follow the directions you have been given to purchase the course your faculty has chosen for you in their Professional Development classes.

If you have not been directed by your faculty and are simply looking for a comprehensive career guide that goes beyond landing the job and also covers how to succeed in it, then we recommend the Etext version of the course which is like buying a Kindle version of a book.

The Career Cycle

Annie Fore

College of Business Student at The University of Central Florida

“The Career Cycle helped me to “get to the one” as Dean Jarley likes to say! Following the steps in the cycle along with the assignments provided in Mr Butcher’s professional development course has led to me receiving an incredible job offer that would not have been possible without the hard work of implementing these actions. The hard work paid off! I am a testament to the fact that The Career Cycle works!”

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How Faculty Can Use The Career Cycle

For faculties that already have Professional Development courses in place the content can be treated as a supplementary text. Students can be directed to purchase the Career Cycle Etext as additional reading material.

For faculties who do not have a Professional Development course in place, students can be directed to purchase The Career Cycle Suite. This can act as the core around which a course can be executed in a logical progression around the six phases of the cycle. This includes running our quizzes and gradable assignments towards points or credits. The objectives are to impact job outcomes, starting salaries, career success and ongoing alumni engagement.

Students can purchase access codes for all products direct from this website or through the on campus bookstore. There are no charges to the faculty.

Both the Etext and the full Suite can be tailored to the needs of your students. Please view the services we offer.

The Career Cycle

Lonny Butcher

Director of Professional Development of the College of Business at UCF

“The Career Cycle is at the core of our Professional Development classes. The objective of our classes goes beyond passing on knowledge about how to get a job. That knowledge is of course critical – but insufficient for the level of job placement we are seeking. We push students out of their comfort zone to start the ACTIONS required to land a job as soon as they enter our College.

The Career Cycle provides a clear logical step by step process to help us define, drive and start measuring the success of these actions. Our focus is also more than just landing the right career jobs. Additionally the Career Cycle has lessons on negotiating to improve the pay levels our graduates start out on, and just as importantly, it has lessons to help them succeed in their job.

Many of our required activities involve our students networking with alumni and employers which has a long term positive impact on engagement between all parties. Mr Groenendyk, the author of the Career Cycle is also a regular and popular speaker with our students.”

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How Employers Can Use The Career Cycle

Once graduates join your organization The Career Cycle encourages them to take the right actions to pass probationary periods, assimilate with the team, understand their manager’s expectations and perform beyond them.

After a period of strong performance they are encouraged to repeat the cycle by targeting and aligning themselves for promotions. The course covers beginner management and leadership skills to help them.

Having been through The Career Cycle and applied what they learned, alumni are encouraged to engage with students following their footsteps. Everything a student learns about becoming the ideal candidate for your organization can also be applied to learning how to select future ideal candidates for their own teams as they get promoted. We therefore hope you will encourage your employees to keep Cycling!

The Career Cycle

Frank Martire

Executive Chairman of the Board at NCR

NCR is a multi billion dollar global technology company with 30,000 employees changing how people everywhere bank, shop, eat, and travel.

For you to win our job selection process and succeed once on board, you have to be uniquely relevant and essential to our specific needs. This means you will have to convincingly demonstrate equally specific results, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that match those needs.

We look for people who know what they want to do with passion and ambition. This is because we know these drive your effort to both understand our needs, and prepare yourself to a much greater level. The deeper your understanding of the priorities and consequences facing your manager, colleagues, and customers—the greater your commitment to exceed their needs. This makes the difference between mediocre and great results.

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Bringing Students, Employers and Faculties Together

The more students take ownership of developing their specific relevance and competitive edge for targeted careers the more successful they will be.

However, a very critical part of that journey is to network with employers. Therefor the more those employers understand the concepts in the Career Cycle the more productive those networking meetings and the subsequent relationships will be for both parties. Meanwhile Universities and Colleges are uniquely positioned to encourage adoption of the Career Cycle by both students and local employers for greatly enhanced engagement and better job outcomes.

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