The Career Cycle Suite - The Career Cycle

The Career Cycle Suite


The Career Cycle Suite is a compilation of career development supplemental course materials which includes 12 reading lessons divided into 90+ topics, 12 practice quizzes, and 10+ action assignments to help you learn how to:

  • Develop the interpersonal skills to encourage people to quickly like and trust you
  • Network and build relationships that will help you
  • Target and find jobs you will enjoy with employers you will like
  • Gain the skills & experience, including internships, to build your relevance
  • Excel at demonstrating your value in writing and in interviews
  • Trigger an offer and negotiate a better one
  • Understand your boss’s expectations from you & how to outperform them
  • Get promoted into positions of management and leadership
  • Develop mentors and raving references you can count on your entire career
  • …and much more!