Frank Martire

Executive Chairman


The Career Cycle

NCR is a multi billion dollar global technology company with 30,000 employees changing how people everywhere bank, shop, eat, and travel.

For you to win our job selection process and succeed once on board, you have to be uniquely relevant and essential to our specific needs. This means you will have to convincingly demonstrate equally specific results, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that match those needs.

We look for people who know what they want to do with passion and ambition. This is because we know these drive your effort to both understand our needs, and prepare yourself to a much greater level. The deeper your understanding of the priorities and consequences facing your manager, colleagues, and customers—the greater your commitment to exceed their needs. This makes the difference between mediocre and great results. This is true whether you are applying for your first job, attempting to succeed in the job you have now, or wish to be considered for a promotion. The earlier you identify how you would like to provide value and start building your ability to deliver it in a way that is applicable to specific employers, the better off you will be.

So find out where your passions lie, target the right jobs, and understand exactly what a future or existing employer wants from you. Then make the effort to develop and align yourself to be the ideal match. We look for evidence that you have done so in the past and are continuing to do so every day!

The recommended actions in The Career Cycle will help you maximize your value and hence your desirability to an employer. Everything you learn in this guide can also be applied to what you should look for in others so that you can successfully select people and build your own teams. It also covers the basics on how to manage and lead them.These are essential skills for you to land a job, expand your responsibility, and be promotable.

Good luck!

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