Lonny Butcher

Director of Professional Development of the College of Business

University of Central Florida

The Career Cycle

“The Career Cycle is at the core of our Professional Development classes. The objective of our classes goes beyond passing on knowledge about how to get a job. That knowledge is of course critical – but insufficient for the level of job placement we are seeking. We push students out of their comfort zone to start the ACTIONS required to land a job as soon as they enter our College.

The Career Cycle provides a clear logical step by step process to help us define, drive and start measuring the success of these actions. Our focus is also more than just landing the right career jobs. Additionally the Career Cycle has lessons on negotiating to improve the pay levels our graduates start out on, and just as importantly, it has lessons to help them succeed in their job.

Many of our required activities involve our students networking with alumni and employers which has a long term positive impact on engagement between all parties. Mr Groenendyk, the author of the Career Cycle is also a regular and popular speaker with our students.”

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