Paul Jarley

Dean of the College of Business

University of Central Florida

The Career Cycle

“I am very pleased with how The Career Cycle helps us drive the activities in our Professional Development classes. Our Professional Development classes, are characterized by four important aspects. First, they are required to be taken by all students in our college. Second, they are not one-time experiences just before graduation. The classes are an integral part of the student’s entire time in our college. Thirdly, the classes are designed to be active, not passive. Students are assisted and incentivized to seek out projects, internships, networking conversations, and experiences that will help them discover what they want to do in their professional lives and secure an opportunity to do it before graduating.

The emphasis of our courses is on doing, taking ownership, and developing interpersonal skills through as much practice as possible. Fourthly, the focus is not just on landing the right job, but also on how to perform well in the job, exceed expectations of their employers and get promoted. This also facilitates our long-term collaboration with our alumni and their employers, which benefits all parties, including the students and graduates who follow their footsteps. The Career Cycle provides an actionable and repeatable process our students can use to drive their entire career.”

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